p5 value proposition

CJR Global Logistics Sdn Bhd is a one stop logistics and freight services company. The operations are controlled from the Group’s Regional Office in Subang Jaya. We have a strategic alliance with a local Lead Logistics Provider (LLP) with state-of-the-art facilities. Together we handle Multinational (MNC) with various requirements in the many faces of the Supply Chain.

We are pleased to be considered by any organization for its future logistics requirements. Our objectives to our customers are to:

  • Provide high-quality logistics solutions and facilities
  • Have the opportunity for flexible, long-term expansion both in volume and scope of services
  • Relieve and / or minimize from investing in any warehousing or distribution assets abroad
  • Provide a “one stop shop” integrated solution for focusing on its core activities
  • Drive costs down and efficiencies up
  • Retain flexibility to react to market opportunities
  • Provide a platform to execute any required value added services during material handling
  • Provide a variety of KPI’s and management information
  • Improve overall service-levels