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Health, Safety and Environmental Protection

CJR Global Logistics Sdn Bhd is totally committed to improving Quality, Safety, Health and Environmental standards and will actively encourage and promote the levels of awareness such standards demands.

It is the policy of CJR Global Logistics Sdn Bhd that all employees in every function execute their work under safe healthy conditions and with the proper concern to prevent any unsafe acts, personal injury, damage to property and the environment.


CJR Global Logistics Sdn Bhd is planning to be an ISO accredited company. Our approach to quality goes well beyond the application of a certain set of ISO standards. It also involves continuous improvements and development of our services. Through the Quality Management System (QMS), we control and monitor our performance and ensure the continuous improvements of the quality level of the services provided.

We believe in continuous improvements. We implement procedures and initiatives that add value to the services we offer. No area of our operations are exempted and as our clients operations evolve, CJR Global Logistics Sdn Bhd will continuously review its “Standard Operating Procedures” to meet the requirements of our customers.


Compliance to global security standards and local initiatives / measures is of paramount importance to CJR Global Logistics Sdn Bhd. In view of potential threats of terrorism and other security threats worldwide, CJR Global Logistics Sdn Bhd exercise due diligence to comply with measures to ensure highest security standards for our customers.

Since inception, CJR Global Logistics Sdn Bhd has been compliant with the US Customs’ Automated Manifest System (AMS). This rule requires carriers (VOCCs) and NVOCCs that move containerized cargo to the US to file electronically (via AMS) documentation 24 hours before the cargo is loaded.

Furthermore our partner in America is a member of the C-TPAT, Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism. The C-TPAT is a joint government-industry initiative to build cooperative relationships that strengthen the overall supply chain and border security. We are always looking at means to promote, suggest and implement local security measures, as part of our working procedures and for the safety of our customers.