p4 core competencies

CJR Global Logistics Sdn Bhd is focused on global logistics, and defines its core competencies as shipping, transportation, warehousing and distribution, and supply chain management.”

“We are not, nor act as agents for manufacturing or retail traders. CJR Global Logistics Sdn Bhd therefore has an independence, which allows complete objectivities in logistics activities.”

“Since the start of operations in Malaysia, CJR Global Logistics Sdn Bhd has demonstrated reliability in its services and has built a strong team capable of delivering the required service levels.”

CJR Global Logistics Sdn Bhd has over the years acquired extensive experience in the local market places where we operate globally, which can be perceived as an edge over other logistics service providers.

We believe CJR Global Logistics Sdn Bhd possesses a number of unique strengths with regard to providing supply chain management services. These include:

  • Local experience in all the country we operate
  • Clear understanding of the supply chain management of some of leading companies globally and the Asian region
  • Well trained and experienced local staffs in all operations
  • Rich experience and expertise in global logistics and supply chain management
  • Local shipping and transportation experience
  • Our global network of offices and partners
  • Access to our advanced IT systems
  • Innovative solutions for unique logistics requirements across diverse sectors
  • Leverage on strong carrier / supplier relationships and centralized freight purchasing
  • Strict compliance to global security standards